Tandem Capital is a well-established, privately owned investment house that specializes in global portfolio management. Our motto, “your gateway to global markets” is based on our being Israel’s leading firm in managing global investments. Tandem Capital’s unique approach is to provide a personal and quality relationship to our customers. Our experienced staff of financial professionals specializes in the analysis of global markets.

Erez Britt

Founder and CEO

Britt brings more than 20 years of experience in the fields of finance, economics and asset management. Britt started his career in the capital markets at Koor Investment House as a Portfolio Manager and Client Relationship Manager. Since 2000, Britt has led the co. Since inception, Tandem capital.

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Natalie Sharon

Operations Manager

Sharon brings with her over 15 years of experience in the banking sector. She started her career in the banking sector at the Bank Hapoalim in-house management course in 1995. During her years with the bank, Sharon served as an investment advisor and later managed the Poalim Zahav department at a central branch.

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Ayelet Nir

Economic Adviser

Nir has Masters in Economics from Tel Aviv University. 18 years experience in roles pertaining to research in economics and management in the capital markets. Most recently was the Chief Strategic Economist and Head of Research for Psagot investment house.

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Aaron Leitner

Deputy CEO & Partner, Global Investment Strategist, Head of Institutional Services

Leitner started his career on Wall Street, in 1986, as a Financial Consultant with Shearson Lehman Brothers and later became a Portfolio Manager with Prudential Securities until his return to Israel in 1995.

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Yulia Vaiman

Global Macro Analyst

Vaiman has about 10 years of experience in macro-economic and political risk analysis. She started her career at ASHRA (The Israel Export Insurance Corp. Ltd) as an economist responsible for macro-economic, financial and political risk assessment of countries and sub-sovereigns.

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Dr. Ido Kalir

Applied Research Consultant

Dr. Kalir holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Tel Aviv. Published a number of studies in the field of long-term investment.
Scientific advisor in the institutional market, interest rates, and Shashinsky Committee pension scheme structure.

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Ronen Halpern

Deputy CEO & Partner, Head of portfolio management services

Halpern brings with him over 15 years of experience in investment management. Ronen’s career in the capital markets began at Modus Selective; part of the First International Bank Group. Halpern managed institutional and private client portfolios.

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Ilan Wolfson

Head of Bank Advisors' Desk

Wolfson brings with him over 10 years of investing experience in Israel and Globally.At Tandem Capital Wolfson has developed relationships with many international financial institutions around the globe and constructed an ongoing working affiliation with the Private Banking sector in Israel.

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Haim Dadi

Advisor to Golden Bridge in New York

Haim Dadi brings over 25 years of experience in real estate in the United States with a focus in New York City.

Dadi lives in New York City and operate through a few family-owned companies in a chain of layers in real estate. As of land acquisition, development, construction and asset management.


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