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Golden Bridge is the largest Israeli open-end fund aiming to grant loans for real estate properties in the US, with first lien mortgage as collateral and with loan to value (LTV) that will allow investors maximum security.  


The Opportunity

Commercial banks worldwide have significantly reduced funding sources available to private and corporate clients due to central banks' requirements of increased capital adequacy and to tightening of lending conditions. As a result, there is now a large, growing and effective market of non-bank credit to individuals and corporations. The fund intends to take advantage of this opportunity in the real estate sector, characterized by a high level of collateralization and very low volatility.


Fund Benefits

  • Real estate assets pledged as collateral to the fund's investors

  • Assets are located in areas among the highest real estate  demand in the world

  • All investments are monitored and supervised by one of the world's leading accounting firm

  • Opportunity to invest in the world's strongest economy

  • Fixed, predictable interest rate with no volatility

  • The fund does not depend on the performance of the capital markets

  • Interest rates do not depend on changes in real estate prices

  • The fund is diversified across many different borrowers and properties

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